Why do Paraplanners choose Antony George Recruitment?

We have been recruiting Paraplanners for coming up to 5 years now. We understand the job role thoroughly, understand the various routes for progression, challenges faced and the setup that many Paraplanners work within, day in day out.

Our recruitment model is unique because we support our clients with continued growth over 12 months. Most of the Paraplanning roles we’re recruiting for are exclusive, with high demand and are filled extremely quickly.

Did you know that one of the most common disagreements that a Paraplanner have with their advisor is time scales?Β  Advisors were promising outcomes(reviews/recommendations) for their clients, which is just not achievable.

Did you know that Progression, Challenge and setup are the most common reasons why Paraplanners change companies? Here’s the motivation behind the change:


That doesn’t necessarily mean to become an adviser, but becoming more senior or a team leader/manager are both the most common areas that a paraplanner will be striving towards. A natural progression or the most common career goal for a Paraplanner is to become an adviser. They fully understand the advice process, competent at research and report writing, and 9/10 will present the advisor’s cash flow forecast. Now all that is needed is the right opportunity, structured training, relevant support, active clients and overtime experience will be gained. Those looking for a Senior position or a leader/manager want to work on more complex cases, support other aspiring paraplanners, implement new processes where needed, and distribute the workload accordingly within their team.


Challenge is an area that we come up against a lot. This does depend on the current firm’s setup and the advisor/s that the Paraplanner is supporting. Challenge can fall under a number of subcategories; type of clients, type of business, areas of advice, involvement and workload. From what we understand, Paraplanners love to be involved in new business, understanding the client’s objectives, creating Financial Plans, conducting holistic research, writing bespoke reports and coming up with the best outcome. There will always be a mix of new business and reviews, but having the mix is essential to keep a Paraplanner challenged. The complexity and diversity of cases are just as significant. Paraplanners will change employers to gain further exposure or to gain greater knowledge in various areas of advice.


The setup in most demand by a Paraplanner is a POD system, where a Paraplanner will be directly supporting up to 2 advisers and will be supported by an administrator. This has shown to be by far the most efficient way of working. Every adviser likes things done differently within different time frames. It’s hard when a Paraplanner is a “pooled” resource. Building relationships with several advisors, managing their expectations and getting to know all of their clients can be nearly impossible.

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Lee Old, Co-Founder at Antony George Recruitment