Paraplanner Recruitment

We actively recruit Paraplanners throughout the UK and make regular appearances in the 'Professional Paraplanner" Magazine. We have an extensive network of suitability qualified, experienced and adaptable candidates, and will do our utmost to ensure they can fit straight into your business.

Behind every Advisor is a great support team. We recognise that Paraplanners are the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. Candidates will be in a similar role working alongside your adviser who will require them to be meticulous and detail focused. We understand that their role includes the timely submission of business, analysis of financial information, preparation of regulatory documentation and construction of suitability reports for their planners.

Want to join a community of Paraplanners where you can access additional support and opinions outside of your own business? Why not join our WhatsApp community here.

    For us to match you with a Paraplanner that will fit seamlessly into your business, we will work closely with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your company structure and a bespoke and detailed profile will be prepared. This entails knowing the systems used, identifying the exact role and duties that will be undertaken and obtaining a clear understanding of career progression opportunities.

    To make sure the next Paraplanner fits seamlessly within your business, we will provide a bespoke and detailed profile for you, matching what we have discussed and will detail the following:

    - Qualifications: What modules have been taken, what is being studied, are they working towards becoming chartered?
    - Platforms used and Software: CRM, Research Software and Cashflow Modelling tools used.
    - Business set up and skillset: Areas of advice covered, strongest skillset, business mix and current working set up (1-1, POD system or pooled).
    - Clients: What your typical client looks like, in terms of wealth, interaction and relationship with those clients and advice required.