We have spent the past 5 years recruiting with tunnel vision focus on the financial planning industry. We know our market and most importantly we are patient!


Usually it will take around 6 – 9 months from our first engagement to when the adviser is authorised under their new firm. Obviously this can be done a lot quicker if the adviser is employed, but with the vast majority of advisers being self employed that’s the typical timeframe.

It’s recruitment in a whole different league in our opinion. It’s not just about the size of the company, values, branding, salary, location and working hours, all the usual things you would ask and question in a position outside of Financial Planning. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great and must haves, but for an adviser it’s more about the business as a whole and the proposition. Here are some of the questions that every adviser should be asking themselves when considering a move;

Does the opportunity and proposition fit in with their style of advising?

Will it be suited to their clients?

Is there succession planning in place?

Is there options for equity within the business?

What support (admin/paraplanning) is available if any?

How easy is it to submit new business?

How quick are reports turned around?

How easy is to generate your own reports?

What back office and research systems are being used?

If clients need to be serviced, geographically where are they based?

How many active clients, recurring income etc?

The list really does go on.

We pretty much interview our clients and often get told “ You’re asking me questions that I’ve never been asked” That’s because we know the questions advisers will asks us and we have to know the answers.

We support both Employed and Self-employed advisors and have relationships with Networks, Nationals and DA firms throughout the UK. We may well not have everything that you’re looking for right now, but the next time you hear from us it will be because we have exactly what you’re looking for!

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