Managing your time efficiently.

Co-Founder of Antony George has been invited to write a four part blog post for Professional Paraplanner about managing your time and increasing productivity.
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60/10 technique 

Part three of four 

The 60/10 method follows from the 90/90/1 technique; it is proven by science and research that the top performers do not work harder for longer, they work smarterThey use their creative part of the brain more in their day-to-day activities. They have an intense focus on one activity, then allow themselves time to reflect and recharge before going back into a deep dive like a military submarine.

The 60/10 technique is completed after the first 90 minutes of your day. You then work solidly for 60 minutes, again no distractions you are in your deep drive section giving total concentration to your one task. Your brain is in overdrive, giving you the energy to complete that task to the very best of your ability. Once the 60 minutes is up, either by an alarm or a timer, you take 10 minutes to reflect and recharge. You might wish to listen to some music, have a cup of tea, meditate, cuddle your dog, listen to an informative audiobook, just something that will bring you joy and engage the left hemisphere of your brain and start your creative juices following again. 

Once complete, you reset the alarm back to your deep drive 60 minutes, and then the cycle continues. 

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