We recently hosted a free webinar on SMART objectives, as part of a series it is conducting which looks to offer something practical to the financial planning profession. Lewis Byford, Director of Antony George explains:

As a business, one of the areas that we wanted to improve in was giving back… giving back to a community that we love and have the pleasure of working in every day, and that’s financial planning.

So, every month, we at Antony George Recruitment have made it a mission to host free webinars with industry-leading experts to provide a service and an added value to both our clients and candidates alike. Last month’s free webinar was with the extremely knowledgeable Michael Pashley FPFS, Managing Director of Practical Financial Exams.

Antony George Recruitment AnyHOW TO REDUCE FILE CHECK FAILS This was a 45 minute interactive whiteboard training session on how to reduce file check fails. Michael covered how to learn to establish, agree, and record detailed SMART objectives and client risk profiles, and how to perfect the “reasons why” in your suitability reports.

Upon registering, we asked the audience two questions;

  • One on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel writing suitability reports?

The mean figure was 8! We had some incredibly confident paraplanners attending 😊.

  • What do you think is the main reason for file check fails?

We got a mixed bag of answers, it ranged from lack of notes, justifying the recommendation, to ensuring clients’ objectives are clear and met and the recommendation is suitable, just to name a few.

In the webinar, Michael was able to offer some really great points on making sure suitability reports were a 10/10.

The webinar can be accessed here.

Antony George Recruitment AnyHOW TO REDUCE FILE CHECK FAILS

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