Never been seen before products in the Financial Planning Recruitment sector.


Fixed Price Recruitment

As a business, we are proactive, forward-thinking and put our client’s needs at the centre of everything we do. We welcome and take all feedback onboard, to economically evolve our business.   

When dealing with financial planning businesses, like many other markets, you will always get the same rebuttals. These commonly include costs, rebate and payment terms.  


Recruitment can sometimes be seen as an unnecessary and costly expense that be dealt with and advertised internally. Most recruitment businesses will operate on a percentage of the candidate’s remuneration. Most clients do understand the work involved in finding the top candidates. They are not sitting on job boards, waiting to be contacted for an interview, they are often employed and off the radar.   

The Rebate.  

Fortunately for us, the rebate has never been an issue. We have not had to return any fees incurred by a placement of a candidate to a clienthowever we recognise that our clients may not have had the same experiences.  

Payment Terms.  

When does the client have to pay their recruitment fee’s? Upfront, inpart or full or on completion?  

Financial Planning owners do not like that recruiters are reliant on being paid a fee per placement from a percentage of the candidate’s salary. This is because recruiters will work on the jobs that they are likely to be paid on and the quality can be reduced overall. How many recruiters do you want pushing your business and brand? Have they all taken the same brief and got the same message? Reputation is on the line and we can guarantee that they all have a different interpretation of the role; remuneration package and your business and consistency is key. 

Our Services  

We have taken everything into consideration and come up with an innovative new model that is adaptable and able to support every financial planning business within the UK. It no longer matters the size of your company, the position you wish to recruit or the remuneration package of the candidate. This is because we offer a fixed monthly fee that will provide you with flexibilitto spread the cost of recruitment whilst we protect and support your business over the course of 12 months.  

In 2020 the average cost of recruitment was around £9,000 per placement. We have been able reduce that cost by over half.  Our AG Growth product will support businesses with up to 2 recruits per year at a cost of £599 per month, which equates to £3,594 per placement.  

We have reduced the cost, but we have mostly certainly not reduced the service. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We have invested capital into resources and marketing that increases productivity and quality and the results will follow. Changing the way in which we are paid, aligns our businesses, allows us to work more collaboratively with you and enables us to support you in areas other than just recruitment. This model allocates more time and money into finding you the perfect candidate and retaining existing employees. 

We cannot wait to shake-up the industry and show every financial planning business the benefits first hand. If you have any questions or wish to have a conversation with myself, please email me directly:

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