Financial Advisor Market: 2023

January 2023 Financial Planning Report

Our data is driven by the FCA register which is an open register for all to use. We extract and record the details to produce bespoke reports and engage with specific individuals within the industry. Our specialism is recruitment for Financial Planning professionals and organisations. We have access to pretty much everything and everyone at the click of a button.

The Certified Persons Directory (CPD) functions, included in the FCA Directory data, enable a more detailed understanding of what each advisor does. This goes well beyond ‘CF30 Customer Advisor’ to now identify people who are, for example, the pension transfer specialists, equity release advisors, long term care advisors, people who manage investments, mortgage advisors as well as those making recommendations on retail investments.

We have selected some of these specific roles and the table below shows the number of people with each listed activity. It’s interesting to see how certain functions such as CPD11 decreases as regulation tightens on DB business.

Advisors joining the FCA Register

New Advisors getting authorised and becoming “Active” on FCA register is so important. Ideally, we would like to see it being higher than the number of advisors becoming “Inactive”. We do this by searching for new advisors on the register that have been authorised at their current firm for less than 12 months with no previous authorisations. Our records show that in the last 12 months 11,619 new Individuals joined the register and of those 5,674 are Advisors.

Segments Of Our Data

Targeting the right message to the right people is crucial to the success of any communications programme, and these Segments, Job Roles and specific activities provide an excellent way of us doing this. Whether that’s an employed or self-employed individual looking for alternative propositions, opportunities, support or succession planning, or an employer/owner seeking a specific skill set, or looking to merge or sell, we can hone in on everything to present you the best of the best.

Firms & Advisors By Region

We’ve broken this down into how many firms and individuals there are in each region of the UK. The table above is based on 80,634 individuals that have permission to give advice and the 16,016 distinct count of FRN (Firms authorisation number).

how many advisors are there?

We’ve categorised each individual based on whether they can provide investment or mortgage advice, or both. Approximate numbers are shown below.

Top 20 Largest Firms

We all love a league table and here are the top 20 largest firms by number of Customer Advisors in our marketplace.

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Antony George has been a Strategic partner
for a number of years now, this allows them to
become an extension of our business. Working with
them on a retainer basis allows us to manage costs
and have a streamline process to fulfil our
recruitment needs.

LouiseOperation Director

The quality of candidates. The ability to manage
their fee across a period of time. The ongoing
banter from Lewis

AshleyManaging Director

They have made it time and cost effective to recruit and also given a sense of security that a candidate, and the right candidate will be found.


AG took the time to understand our business, the
vacant role/s and the character of person we were
looking to employ. Using their extensive database
and contacts within the market they were able to
bring a shortlist of candidates to us

SimonManaging Director